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Dental Chairs

Dental Chairs high end: Mectron from Italy

Mectron India is a totally owned subsidiary of Mectron, Italy which was established in the year 2004. Mectron is a company committed to creating and producing the finest dental equipment to meet the highest clinical standards and to the ever demanding dental professionals. Furthermore with highly skilled Sales & after Sales Service Personnel, enables us to deliver and distribute products and services that give our customers the advantages necessary for efficient discharge of their professional commitments. The Most versatile range of treatment unit, designed to ensure high levels of Bio safety and ergonomics to your practice and to make your patients more comfortable. The Mectron UNO line was projected to make the dentists life easier. It caters for effortless maintenance of asepsis and cleanliness of all systems, Tubing and to maintain an “always new” look.


Implant Motor/Physio: W&H from Austria

  • Ergonomic design helpful for accurate implant surgery
  • Powerful motor
  • Fatigue-free operation
  • Automatic thread cutter function
Implant Motors


Implant Surgery Kit

Osstem Dental Implant Surgery Kit

  • Worlds leading Implants
  • 100 % Bio-safe material
  • 100 % success rate
  • All components easily available across globe


Adin Implant Surgical Kit

  • Affordable option
  • Worlds leading Implants
  • 100 % Bio-safe material
  • 100 % success rate
  • All components easily available across globe
Implant Surgical Kit



Digital Smile System Set-up for Smile Designing from Italy

Digital Smile System is software that allows dentists and technicians to realize the digital project of the aesthetical and functional smile rehabilitation through simple and automatic tools.

Following intuitive and guided process dentists will be able to show to the patient the preview of the prosthetic result, giving technicians all the necessary information to realize the project.


Cristofoli Autoclave for Implants: Class B from Italy

  • VITALE Class B type of autoclave is specially designed & recommended for Dental Implantology.
  • LCD display, user friendly interface.
  • Automatic deaeration and depressurization.
  • Short cycle & high volume pre and post vacuum pump for perfect sterilization result.
  • Efficient safety systems, pressure release valve, computerized diagnosing, alarm system.
Autoclave Implants



Pentamix 3: Auto-mixing units 3M from USA

  • Pentamix ™ 3 is the fastest automatic mixing unit for dental impression
  • materials on the market
  • A smooth and easy for handling
  • A sophisticated high-tech design
  • Modern and robust, with a self-explaining user interface


X-Smart Plus for Advanced root canal treatment From DENTSPLY

  • The next generation most advanced digital one touch X-Smart™ Plus Endo
  • micro-motor is introduced for precise root canal work.
  • “Click and go” navigation.
  • New design with optimized screen & keyboard ergonomics.
  • Single file root canal shaping.
Root Canal Treatment


Handpiece Cleaner

Assistina 301 Plus: Handpiece cleaner: W&H from Austria

  • Perfect care for all dental instruments
  • Taking care of all rotary motors in dentistry
  • Effectively cleans internal tubing if Air rotors


Satelac, Acteon RVG: Digital X-ray system from France

The Sopix 2 Digital X-Ray System (DR Intraoral Digital System) uses a state of the art fibre optic CMOS system to give perfect dental images first time every time. Supplied complete with multi user specific software, the Sopix 2 offers leading edge digital technology with no compromises, resulting in perfect images.

User friendly and sober

No more overexposed x-ray images

Safer for the patient

With Sopix 2, your x-ray images will be clear the first time they are taken. Patients are protected from exposure to unnecessary x-rays. The precautionary principle is essential.

Controller :

  • Technology: CMOS + CSI scintillator + optic fibre.
  • Theoretical resolution: 25 pl/mm.
  • Pixel size: 20 mm x 20 mm.
  • Connection: USB 2.0.
  • Imaging software provided: Sopro Imaging.
Digital Xray System


Arcon Articulator

Bio-Art Semi Adjustable Arcon Articulator

The articulators role is to reproduce the static and dynamic mandible positions with the following applications:

  • Occlusion and occlusal pathology study
  • Confection of complete, partial and removable prostheses
  • Making interocclusal devices (trays)


A7Plus Articulator

Robust structure made of aluminum, assuring greater stability. Design that provides greater visibility.

  • Semi-adjustable / Arcon Type
  • Fixed Intercondylar distance at the average 110 mm
  • Curved condylar guide
  • Adjustable condylar guide angle
  • Adjustable Bennet Angle
  • Central Lock
  • Stabilization system of Condylar Guide movement with silicone connection
  • Pin to support the Upper Frame at the open position

Can be supplied with Standard or Elite Face Bow.


Genoray Portable Digital X-ray for negligible radiation

  • Experience digital dental X-Rays with PORT-X II.
  • Genoray: Indias No.1 Portable X-Ray.
  • Compact outside Smart inside.
  • Negligible rediation exposure.
  • AERB approved product
Negligible Radiation


Cristo Folio Pouch Sealer

Cristo-foli Pouch Sealer from Italy

Sella II is intended for Sealing envelopes for steam sterilization, one of sterilization auxiliary series products, which is attractive, stable, easy operation and low maintenance rate. Terrific transformer will automatically adjust to the best sealing temperature even in unstable voltage. Nice aluminum alloy body, easy for clean, and come with integrated cutter with 100,000 times cutting guarantee.

  • According to European standard sealing.
  • PC board with automatic temperature control, available for continuous using.


Vita Linear Advanced shade guide

The all-new VITA 3D-Master Linear guide enables the quick determination of precise tooth shades and uses the same scientific principles and 29 shades found in the popular VITA 3D-Master shade guide. The Linear guide features a sleeker, linear design that makes the process of precise shade determination even faster and easier. In two simple steps the final shade is achieved, first by selecting from five value tabs, then by choosing the proper mix of chroma and hue within the selected value.

Vita Lenear


Mectron Light

Mectron Light Curing Unit

  • Wireless curing light with charging
  • 5W big power LED
  • With a maximum more than 1500mW/cm2
  • Elegance design, very convenient for operation
  • Noiseless operation
  • Use import LED, big power, intensity and longevity, save energy
  • The special design of charger base can be also used for holding the handle


Satelac Acteon Scaler

  • Worlds best teeth cleaning scaler
  • Effectively cleans & polishes the teeth surface
Satelac Acteon Scaler


Microscopic Loupes

Microscopic Loupes

  • Root canal is easier
  • Higher success rate in root canals
  • Precision is more with loupes


Intra-oral camera : for patient education: Allure

Hi resolution allure intra oral camera proves to be the best advertisement tool in modern dental clinics. Allowing Dentists to easily explain capture & store image before / during post treatment. Allure intra oral camera is simple & easy to use device. Software provided simplifies the image storage.

Intra Oral Camera


Apple Imac

Apple I-Mac Desktop for Patient Education


Water Distiller from Unicorn Dentmart

  • 100% distilled & pure water.
  • Bio-safe water
  • Recommended for all application in dental clinic
Water Distiller


Ultrasonic Cleaner

Ultrasonic Cleaner from Unicorn Dentmart

  • Effectively cleans the instruments & small equipments.
  • Taking care of sterilization.
  • 100% cleans debris & blood from instruments.


We use High quality (FDI standard) Dental materials (3M, GC, IVOCLAR, COLTENE, VOCCO, SHOFU, DENTSPLY, DMG, KAVO-KERR, ULTRADENT)