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Full Mouth Rehabilitation Treatment

Teeth restoration of badly carious, attrite, loose, and missing teeth to improve mastication of food is one of the most critical services that dental clinics can provide. This entire process called is full mouth reconstruction surgery.

The full mouth reconstruction cost varies from patient to patient due to their varying needs. This is one of the most essential services for the middle-aged and the elderly. This procedure enhances the appearance of the patient by means of various dental procedures of both upper and lower jaws.

Full Mouth Rehabilitation Treatment at Dental Excellence Dental Clinic

Generally, full mouth rehabilitation treatment requires a practiced Prosthodontics in order to precisely deal with procedures like crowns, bridges, implants, veneers, cast partials, and bite raising appliances. A full mouth rehabilitation cost is so high because the entire mouth from the teeth to the jawbone gets reworked.

A high success rate for a full mouth reconstruction dentist is what sets them apart from the rest. The process requires accurate diagnosis, meticulous planning, and precise treatment. At Dental Excellence Dental Clinic, we can do all that without compromising the patient’s comfort.

Seeing as the process might include full mouth reconstruction implants as well, Periodontists, Orthodontists, and Endodontists are also required as a backup. This entire range is where we truly excel. Need a full mouth reconstruction surgery in Aurangabad? Reach Dental Excellence and get the best full mouth rehabilitation treatment by experienced doctors at an affordable cost. Contact us today!


Recommended in…

  • Difficulty in mastication of food
  • Severely attrided teeth
  • Multiple missing teeth
  • Completely missing teeth of upper and lower jaws
  • Pain in TMJ of adult patient
  • The teeth that have been lost due to decay or trauma.
  • Teeth that have become severely worn as a result of long term acid erosion (food, beverages, acid reflex) or teeth grinding.

Standard Protocol Followed at Dr. Jadhav’s Excellence Dental Solutions

We follow European standard protocol for asepsis and sterilization of Dental equipment required for implant procedure which results 100% success for dental implants.

  • Understanding the patient compliant
  • Examination: for accurate diagnosis, routinely we do DSLR camera photography, diagnostic impression, diagnostic mounting, intra-oral and extra-oral records.

Diagnosis: after confirmation of intra-oral & extra-oral records along with X-rays (IOPA & OPG) Prosthodontist is able to diagnose the disease.

Treatment planning: Face Bow recording is integral part of FMR & we have Bio-Art A7 Plus Semi-Adjustable Arcon Articulator for diagnostic mounting which is helpful for perfect treatment.

Face Bow Recording
Bio Art

BIO-ART A7 PLUS ARTICULATOR is ideally recommended for Full Mouth Rehabilitation & Dental Implantology.

  • Pankey - Mann - Schuler Technique
  • Functionally Generated Path Technique This gives 100% success rate for our dear patients
  • For precise impression we have installed 3M Pentamix3 which is world’s most advanced automatic mixing machine from USA
Scheduler Technique

World class Implants utilized in FMR are Osstem and Nobel Bio-care

LAB SUPPORT: We have International lab support for stunning result of supra-structures like crowns / caps / bridges / hybrid dentures / fixed dentures / titanium full mouth fixed teeth etc.

Lab Support
  • Katara dental lab (Pune)
  • Illusion dental lab (Mumbai)
  • Prime Dental Lab



This is by far the best dental office I've been to! Dr. Vivek is very gentle and professional! The whole staff is super friendly and makes u feel comfortable during your whole visit! They have high end infra structure and modern dental equipments for your own convenience! Very clean dental office and nicely organized. I will definitely recommend this place to my family and friends.

Mr. Bahl.
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