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Dental Crowns, Bridges, and Caps by Dental Excellence in Aurangabad

Crown Caps Bridges

Dental Crowns, Bridges, and Caps are three of the most sold dental items ever. The usual application of all three is to remove cosmetic imperfections. But in some cases, it can be used to add a lot of difference to functionality to the patients’ teeth. In the hands of a tooth crown specialist, all three can work wonders.

Make the Most of Our Crown Dental Specialist

The crown is the first part of the tooth to get worn down. At Dental Excellence Dental Clinic, our crown dental specialist will make sure to get you the best possible option. The best part is that we also have ceramic crowns that reduce the long-term tooth crown cost significantly.

Ceramic crowns like zirconia look far more natural than metal crowns and cause significantly less harmful effects. The usual gold dental crown price is a lot higher than the zirconia as well. We can get you a temporary dental crown as well to act as an in-between for surgery.

Dental Bridge Repairs and Our Specialists

A temporary dental bridge is generally used to act as a short-term measure while the proper bridge with perfect measurements is being made. Temporary bridges are the perfect measure for dental bridge repair as well. Repairing the bridge takes a couple of weeks in the laboratory as does cement in the permanent bridge.

A permanent dental bridge makes for the best long-term solution. The bridge literally bridges the gap between two or more teeth and dental bridge front teeth usually require a better glue. This is because the glue for the front teeth needs to be strong as well as aesthetically pleasing.

Installing a fixed dental bridge is easy in our hands and it hardly takes an hour. The installation takes place over two or more anchor teeth called abutments and they need to be prepared first. It is important to understand that a Front Teeth Bridge contributes to load distribution as well. So, the science that goes into it is very precise, as is the prep work.

Dental Crown Treatment Costs and Clinics

Not every dental clinic houses a dental bridge specialist. Thankfully, at Dental Excellence crowns dental clinic, we take care of all your dental needs. If you need dental care at affordable costs, look no further – we have you covered.

We offer Crowns dental treatment that is beyond the means of average clinics with the very latest equipment, minimal delay time, and maximum comfort for our patients. The usual Dental crown treatment cost is no worry with our establishment. Get the best possible care and treatment at Dental Excellence today.

Metalic Prosthesis
Zironia Dentalx Prosthesis

Recommended in…

  • Root canal treated teeth
  • Single or multiple missing teeth
  • After implant placement
  • Full mouth rehabilitation
  • Smile designing
  • Fracture tooth / broken tooth
  • Replacement of old caps / crowns / bridge

Crowns / Caps / Bridges options available AT Dr. JADHAV’S EXCELLANCE DENTAL SOLUTIONS…

We successfully delivered thousands of CROWNS / CAPS / BRIDGES at Dr. JADHAV’S EXCELLANCE DENTAL SOLUTIONS.

We offer versatile range of products like

  • Full Metal Ni-Cr Co-Cr Titanium
  • Porcelain Fused to Metal Ni-Cr Co-Cr Titanium Gold PFM
  • All ceramic Aesthetic Emax Ivoclar Lava premium Ultra translucent Bruxzir (USA)
  • Functional: Monolithic Zirconia Bruxzir
  • Lava Premium 3M USA - 15 year warranty
  • Lava Classic 3M USA - 10 year warranty
  • Lava Essential 3M USA - 5 year warranty
  • Bruxzir USA - 15 year warranty
  • Ammangirbachh USA - 25 year warranty
  • Gold Premium Pure Gold 24 carat Standard Gold
Options Options

We follow standard European Protocol for 100% successful fabrication of all types of crowns

We specialise in…

  • Temporary Dental Crown
  • Temporary Dental Bridge
  • Dental Bridge Repair
  • Permanent Dental Bridge
  • Dental Bridge for Front Teeth
  • Fixed Dental Bridge
Hammer Kit

We have Live Zirconia Crown Hammer kit to check the strength of Zirconia cap which is equal to the strength of Metallic Crown.

Crown Preparation is done by Fiber-optic hand-piece. W & H from Austria.

Fibre Optic Handpiece

We do Gingival Retraction in every patient Ultradent from USA.

For precise & accurate measurement of Crown Preparation we have installed 3M Pentamix 3 from USA, which is automatic machine ideal for implant impressions. Pentamix 3 from 3M is the fastest Automatic mixer in the universe.

3M Pentamix
Vital 3D Linear

For precise & perfect Shade selection / Matching we have Vita 3D linear


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Dr. Jadhavs Excellence Dental Solutions has a great team filled with caring, and friendly experts. Not only are they phenomenal at the work they have done for me but they treat everyone like family. I have had nothing but great experiences during my visits.

Mr. Rikitesh
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