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Affordable Wisdom Tooth Extraction Surgery

Wisdom teeth or the third molars are an irrelevant part of our mouth. With evolution, mankind ended up with smaller jaws that do not really accommodate the wisdom teeth. Consequently, we end up with severe problems when the wisdom teeth jut into the jawbone. Wisdom tooth removal treatment is a highly sought-after service as removal is the only known cure.

Teeth transplant is a rare case of treatment where the dentist extracts the tooth from one location and transplants it to another place where the tooth is missing or damaged. We do not allow contamination to take place as we uphold on the highest standards in dentistry. Getting your wisdom teeth out is a normal process that a majority of people go through.

Affordable and Painless Wisdom Tooth Extraction Surgery

Dental Excellence makes certain that the wisdom tooth extraction surgery is as painless as possible. There is very little doubt that the dental extraction process is a minor surgery. Our aim is always to make sure that it never escalates to a major surgery.

Wisdom tooth removal treatment can cause relief from a lot of pain because the teeth are usually associated with major nerve centers. The work ethic for any dentist dictates that the process be as painless as possible for the patients. At Dental Excellence, we try our very best to uphold this ethic.

Pulling teeth out of the jawbone sounds excruciatingly painful. In reality, though, a practiced hand can really make a lot of difference. This besides, we have the best equipment at Dental Excellence that makes wisdom tooth extraction surgery a lot more comfortable.

There is absolutely no reason to be stressed about dental extraction as it is a minor process. It is also something that most adults go through in their lives at one point of time or the other. Trust in our expertise at Dental Excellence and let us help you through the entire process.

Wisdom Concept

Recommended in…

Wisdom Recommendation
  • Severe pain in jaw bone
  • Severe decay of the tooth
  • Severe pain at the time of mastication of food
  • Fracture of tooth (wisdom)

Standard Protocol Followed at Dr. Jadhav’s Excellence Dental Solutions for Wisdom tooth removal….

We follow European standard sterilization protocol

Cristofoli Autoclave CLASS-B for 100% asepsis of Instruments

Cristofoli Autoclave
Ultrasonic Cleaner

Ultrasonic Cleaner for 100% cleaning of the instruments

Digital RVG for X-Rays & Investigation Purpose

Digital RVG
Ash Forceps

Ash forceps from England for precise removal of Impacted tooth

Luxators for a-traumatic removal of wisdom tooth

Perio Tomes

Perio-tomes for a-traumatic removal of wisdom tooth


I was scared due to severe pain in my lower jaw but thanks to Dr. Jadhav for relieving my pain in wisdom tooth by removing it very comfortably without any complication.

Mrs. Sonal Paigavan
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