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Get the Best Root Canal Treatment in Aurangabad

Affordable Root Canal Therapy & Surgery

A root canal treatment allows the doctor to remove an infected nerve connected to the tooth so that the entire tooth does not have to get removed. The idea is to simply replace the empty space left by the infected nerve with an artificial one.

Get the best root canal treatment in Aurangabad with our professionals at Dental Excellence Dental Clinic. The sheer amount of hard work that we put in reflects in our patient’s teeth. There is a 90% success rate and our root canal treatment cost is well worth the price.

Root Canal Therapy and the Basics of Root Canal Surgery

Root Canal Therapy is one of the most common dental procedures ever and the average time taken for the entire process is about an hour. In the deft hands of our practiced surgeons, you will barely feel the time pass. Also, the equipment we use are designed to make the process as non-invasive as medically possible.

Making sure that the root canal surgery is non-invasive is the first step to ensuring that our patients leave happier than they came in. This is because the more invasive the procedure, the more painful it is liable to be for the patient.


What to Expect at Dental Excellence RCT Dental Treatment

The tooth root canal gets infected due to a number of causes – cracks in the tooth, deep decay, and repeated dental procedures on the tooth. This calls for the RCT dental treatment, which is an endodontic treatment.

At Dental Excellence Dental Clinic in Aurangabad, we make sure that you get the highest degree of comfort, and professional treatment. We use our Most Advanced Root Canal Endo-motor X-smart Plus from DENTSPLY for higher success rates. Our root canal specialist uses Protaper Next and Wave One Gold files for best results.

Our root canal dentist takes the procedure very seriously and makes sure to clean up the instrument with Cristofoli class-B autoclave. This besides, we take care of our patients’ hygiene during the RCT of teeth as well. We use microscopic loupes for superb cleaning and Endo-Activator from DENTSPLY for sterilization and disinfection of the canal.

We also use Root ZX Mini from J. Morita to determine the precise length of the canal. The artificial root that our root canal doctor uses for the process is from Symbron Endo (Kavo-Kerr, USA).

We hope that ‘root canal dentist near me’ searches bring you to Dental Excellence Dental Clinic. For the best medical treatment and superb professional standards, visit our clinic today. Get rid of your root canal problems right away!

  • Digital X-ray for instant confirmation and accurate diagnosis.
  • Rotary endodontic technology that allow for a single sitting endodontic treatment for multiple teeth
  • Microscopic loupes utilized for higher success of RCT procedure

We offer retreatment endodontics with a very high success rate for patients who have been treated elsewhere.

Recommended in…

  • Tooth causing pain due to sever decay
  • Trauma (accidents)
  • Fracture tooth
  • Crack line
  • Peri-apical infection

Standard Protocol Followed at Dr. Jadhav’s Excellence Dental Solutions

We follow European standard protocol for asepsis and sterilization of Dental equipment required for implant procedure which results 100% success for dental implants.

Standard Protocol

Satellec digital RVG for perfect digital X-rays

Most Advanced Root Canal Endo-motor X-smart Plus from DENTSPLY along with Protaper next & wave one gold rotary endo files used in daily root canal procedures for higher success rate

Cristofoli class-B autoclave highly recommended for cleaning of all root canal instrument

Microscopic loupes of high standards for microscopic cleaning & shaping of infected tooth.

For disinfection & sterilization of canals we use Endo-Activator from DENTSPLY which is world renowned company.

For perfect determination of root length we have Root ZX Mini from J Morita

We use Touch & Heat for Precise obturation of Gutta Purcha FROM Sybron Endo (Kavo-Kerr, USA)

For complicated root canal treatments we have back up of super specialized experts in the field of endodontics.

We use High Quality (FPD standard) materials only (3M, GC, IVOCLAR, VOCCO)







I am really impressed the way they do root canal treatment to my tooth. My tooth pain was suddenly gone when I start my root canal treatment at Dr. Jadhavs Excellence Dental Solutions. I will highly appreciate the work which is done by Dr. Madhuri

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