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Affordable Dental Implant Solutions

Dental implants are used to fill in for natural teeth over a long period of time. Get the most affordable Dental Implant Surgery in Aurangabad by trusting in our services.

The Gold Standards of Dental Implant Solutions

The usual Stainless Steel and Titanium implants have ruled over the world of dental implant solutions for years now. The idea behind a dental implant is to allow people who have lost their natural teeth to get the full functioning of their teeth back. Using dental implant surgery in Aurangabad will also remove oral cosmetic imperfections that make people feel bad about themselves.

Teeth Concept

Recommended in…

Teeth Problem
  • Front missing teeth
  • Back missing teeth
  • Any loose / mobile tooth which is going for removal
  • All missing upper and lower teeth

Standard Protocol Followed at Dr. Jadhav’s Excellence Dental Solutions for 100% success of Dental Implants…

We follow European standard protocol for asepsis and sterilization of Dental equipment required for implant procedure which results 100% success for dental implants.

For 100% cleaning of all equipment and instruments required for Dental Implant surgery are sterilized using Cristofoli Autoclave.

Cristofoli Autoclave
Implant Motor

We have world class Implant-Motor (IMPLANTMED Physio) by W&H from Austria & Osstem, Adin as well as Nobel Bio-Care implant system.

For precise & accurate measurement of Implants we have installed 3M Pentamix 3 from USA, which is automatic machine ideal for implant impressions. Pentamix 3 from 3M is the fastest Automatic mixer in the universe.

3M Pentamix
Tab Support
  • Katara Dental Lab (Pune) &
  • Illusion Pvt. Dental Lab (Mumbai)
  • Prime Dental Lab. (Aurangabad)

They provide us world class super structures over implants for our dear clients.

  • Single Implant
  • Single Implant with bone graft
  • Full mouth Implant
  • Hybrid Implant
  • Titanium hybrid denture
  • Zirconia hybrid denture
  • Titanium full mouth fixed prosthesis
  • Zirconia abutments + Zirconia caps
Implant Options

Dental Implant Solutions – Average Costs and More

Dental implants prices have gone down significantly in the past few years with the advent of new technology. Dental implant cost per tooth is usually a choice between zirconia implants and Titanium implants.

Although zirconia dental implant bridge costs a bit more, it lasts way longer and pairs well with ceramic crowns that save a lot of money. Dental implant surgery costs depend quite a bit on the patient and the actual Dental implant average cost fluctuates from place to place.

Why Our Dental Implant Costs So Much?

Getting a tooth implant will prove to be a lot less hassle than the usual idea of getting a removable set of teeth. A dental implant costs a little more than your average removable bridge, but it allows the patient to chew a lot better.

A single tooth implant costs so much because we have a world-class Implant-Motor (IMPLANTMED Physio) by W&H from Austria & Osstem, Adin along with the Nobel Bio-Care implant system. We provide the most quality implants anywhere in the world at Dental Excellence.

Why Choose Dental Excellence Dental Implant Solutions?

Affordable dental implants are a worry of the past – the new ceramic and zirconia implants are a lot cheaper than the usual stainless steel ones. The result is that the average dental patient in need of an implant only needs to find a clinic that uses zirconia.

Our clinic is the best place to get dental implants and affordability is only one of the reasons why. You will always want a professional to deal with your teeth because it is a prominent, yet personal part of the face. One small mistake and your jaw bone and gums could be damaged for good.

All our patients at Dental Excellence a leave glowing testimonials that allow us to believe that we have the best doctor for dental implants. We are a growing organization and the sheer amount of love and respect that we get from all our patients is what keeps us going.

Visit Our Dental Implant Center

If you are in desperate need of a dental implant, look no further than our dental implant center at Dental Excellence in Aurangabad. We have much more than the best dental implants – we have the very best people on the job.

Getting hold of a great dental implant dentist is a tricky business and we know it. That is exactly why our patients believe in us and we keep getting tons of referrals each month. Join the club and get the very best dental care in Aurangabad today.






I had a removable for years. I got used to eating certain foods and not being able to eat other foods. After I replaced my all missing teeth with implants, I can chew anything! If only I would have known how much better they would be. I’d have them put in years ago. It’s like I have gone back in time. It’s absolutely worth it. And it didn't hurt!

Mr. Shimpi
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